Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Is MAG 250 Subscription Targeted Only To Internet Users?

These devices are targeted for Internet providers, content aggregators and system integrators and are employed for launching interactive TV services delivered over IP structured networks like IPTV or VoD. The MAG two hundred and fifty subscription is integrated with the content protection systems Secure Media. The solution supports remote access, monitoring and place up (partly via JavaScript API).

Mag 250 subscription offers a faster and more powerful 650 MHz mass media processor, additional RAM of 512 MB and HD 1. 4A interface assisting the highest video image resolution. With an unique available platform, this S/PDIF outcome ensures the highest quality of music output.

The MAG 250 Micro set-top box is a very popular solution for IPTV streaming. Increased performance allows for resource-intensive applications and more playback features including 3D Video. Two UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS ports of MAG250 provide additional opportunities for owners including Internet connection via WiFi, media content play-back from video and photography cameras and other mass media devices, recording to an external storage.

Supporting online video streaming, video on demand, and HD quality for digital channels (Full HI-DEF 1080? ), MAG two hundred fifty subscription meet all advanced requirements for multimedia alternatives. It combines the greatest technical functions demanded by broadband operators with unmatched user-friendliness for end consumers considering interactive digital TV SET. All IPTV Streaming Container subscriptions are available with this amazing set top package.

Once you get a subscription, you can put it to use for both Internet and the Mag 250 established top box to gain access to all the channels and movies within your ongoing. Even if you have a Mag 250, you can put it to use with the service without the extra charges or fees. We are offering the unrivalled user-friendliness for end consumers enthusiastic about online digital TV demanded by broadband operators. We give you the best features to help you comfortable and have an enjoyable journey.